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Landlord reports Yobo to police

Added on 24th Apr 2014 ⋅ Posted in - Property damage
Super Eagles captain and Norwich City defender, Joseph Yobo, has yet to resolve the dispute with a landlord, Ray Smith, over the poor state of a flat rented in the player???s name.

The police are now investigating the situation after Smith reported it to Merseyside Police.

A spokeswoman for Merseyside Police confirmed a complaint had been made and inquiries were ongoing.

She added, ???As yet it is not clear whether it???s a civil offence or a criminal matter.???

Smith said the duplex penthouse which was leased in Yobo???s name was ???trashed??? and is alleging theft and criminal damage.

The footballer claimed he had never lived at the property and it was his younger brother, Gideon, who paid the rent.

The row began last month when Mr. Smith inspected the flat in South Ferry Quay after being handed back the keys by the letting agency, according to the Liverpool Echo .
He was horrified to find burn marks on the carpet, broken and stained furniture, holes in the wall left from a flat-screen television and a filthy kitchen and bathroom.

He also alleges there were a number of items missing from the property including beds, electrical equipment and items of cutlery.

Smith told Mirror, ???I had been dealing directly with Joseph Yobo over paying for the damages.

???He said he was a landlord himself and had properties that he rented out and he understood how I felt when a flat was left in a mess.

???But then I got a letter from Gideon???s solicitors to say ???you didn???t give my client enough time to remedy the damage???.

???Even if Joseph Yobo wasn???t living there as far as I???m concerned it???s the leaseholder???s responsibility and the buck stops with him.???

Gideon Yobo claimed he had hired and paid for his own cleaners before moving out of the flat and arranging for the keys to be returned to the letting agent.

He said, ???I don???t know why Joseph???s name is being dragged into this. My lawyers have been talking to the landlord and have said if you show us an inventory, I will make good any damage.

???I did not clean out the flat myself as I???ve been living away for a month. If the letting agent had told me this is what needs fixing before the keys were handed back, I would have paid for any damage.

???The landlord is now being obstructive and is not responding to my calls or solicitor???s letters.???

Smith rejected that claim and said he had not had any contact with Gideon for around a week but had spoken to his solicitor on Thursday.
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